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Saving lives, protecting the environment, restoring dignity.

About us

Working on Fire’s vision is to be the leading global Integrated Fire Management (IFM) agency, making a sustainable difference in the environment and people’s lives. Our core business is IFM and implimenting the Working on Fire (WOF) Expanded Public Works Programme. The WOF Programme is a government-funded, job-creation programme, that recruits youth from marginalised communities, trains them in fire awareness and education, prevention and fire suppression skills and employs them as WOF Participants. We currently employ nearly 5000 young men and women, stationed at 200 bases across the country.

Our Values

Our organisational culture is shaped by our commitment to our core values. These values are the essence of our identity and reflect our long-term vision – which is to be the South African Government’s best performing Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP), as well as a global leader in Integrated Fire Management. Our values are the driving force behind everything we do. All our operational and functional staff are geared towards living these values. Throughout our company, from our Managing Director,  to our staff and participants, we aspire to be a company that really cares and is committed to protecting and saving lives, properties and our environment.


To be committed and responsible for your actions, your work and for the team as a whole.


The combined effort, focus and collaborative achievement of common goals and purposes, while having respect for each other.


To continuously improve and innovate in order to be the best.


To embrace change and thrive in an evolving environment.

Making a difference

To improve the lives of individuals and communities, and protect the environment.


In September 2021, the Working on Fire (WOF) programme, had been in existence for 18 years. Over this period, WOF has grown exponentially from its humble beginnings, with just 850 veld and forest firefighters, to a globally renowned programme, which includes the WOF Programme, the High-Altitude Teams (HAT), the Drought Relief Project (DRP) and its recent addition, the Forestry Support Programme. Looking back, we clearly see how strong and longstanding partnerships, along with our commitment to sustainability and excellence, have shaped us. Working on Fire is built on 18 years of sustainability and is excited to continue making a difference.


Social Development

Through our Social Development initiatives,
we make a difference in the lives or our participants
as well as the communities around our bases.

Working on Fire Aviation

Trusted supplier of aerial firefighting services in South Africa.

Fire in South Africa

SONA 2019

President Cyril Ramaphosa commends the WOF Programme

Over the past few years President Cyril Ramaphosa has given recognition and shown great support to the firefighters in Working on Fire. In February 2019, he praised the Working on Fire programme during his reply at the State of the Nation Address (SONA). These clips shows some of these comments as the President applauded the work done by these brave young men and women from Working on Fire.

At other occasions, President Cyril Ramaphosa reaffirmed Working on Fire as one of governments’ important Expanded Public Works Programmes and emphasised government’s commitment to supporting WOF so it can continue to change lives and provide skills to South African youth.

Latest News

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