Working on Fire-Kishugu Joint Venture Joins Battle Against Castle Rock Fire in Simon’s Town


Working on Fire

Working on Fire

Since 5:30 this morning, the Working on Fire-Kishugu Joint Venture’s (WOF-Kishugu JV) six aerial resources have been dispatched to the front lines, to combat the Castle Rock Fire in Simon’s Town actively. Ground crews are en route to provide additional assistance as the situation unfolds. At sunrise today, four WOF choppers and two Spotter planes were strategically positioned to make significant progress before anticipated increases in wind speed.

When the fire was reported on Tuesday morning, 19 December 2023, resources were dispatched by the Provincial Disaster Management Centre and SANParks Table Mountain to aid in suppression efforts.

The fire, intensified by constantly changing wind directions, threatened properties, requiring more resources to save lives and protect the properties. On both Tuesday and Wednesday, the firefighting resources included six Huey Choppers, two spotter planes for traffic control, 10 vehicles, and nearly 60 firefighters from four teams: Newlands, Table Mountain, False Bay, and Helderberg.

As of today, Thursday, the existing teams involved in the firefighting operations will take a well-deserved rest. New teams from Mamre, Kleinmond, and Helderberg will seamlessly take over the responsibilities, collaborating with other firefighting agencies such as VWS, NCC, and the City of Cape Town.

In anticipation of potential developments, additional nearby teams are on high alert, ready to assist when needed. The collaboration between these dedicated firefighting teams underscores the commitment to mitigating the impact of the Castle Rock Fire and protecting the local community.

Issued by Working on Fire – Kishugu Joint Venture Communications **Media Contact:** Limakatso Khalianyane (Working on Fire – Kishugu JV) Phone: 065 976 6949 / 079 088 9513 Email:


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