Working On Fire – Kishugu Joint Venture delegation represents SA on world stage


Working on Fire

Working on Fire

A Working On Fire – Kishugu Joint Venture delegation will represent South Africa at the eighth International Wildfire Conference (IWFC) in Porto, Portugal, from 16 to 19 May.

This globally significant event brings together key stakeholders in wildland fire management.

“The delegation is looking forward to the opportunity for collaborative efforts to address wildfire risks amidst the challenges of climate change,” says WOF-Kishugu Joint Venture stakeholder relations manager Linton Rensburg.

The IWFC serves as a nexus for governments, wildfire practitioners and private-sector entities to exchange knowledge, form global partnerships, and develop policies, enhance governance and reduce the impacts of wildfires on the environment and humanity.

WOF-Kishugu JV’s expertise in integrated fire-management solutions has garnered international recognition, with deployments in countries such as Indonesia, Chile and Canada.

“Our participation at IWFC strengthens our global presence in wildland fire management,” Rensburg says.

Working On Fire is an Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) aimed at providing work opportunities to young men and women. Working On Fire firefighters are typically called to assist with the management of local and international wildfires. In cooperation with authorities and fire protection associations, Working On Fire implements integrated fire-management solutions. This includes creating fire awareness, proactively putting preventative measures in place, partaking in suppression operations and rehabilitating burnt areas.

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