Landowners encouraged to remain vigilant – Linton Rensburg, SABC interview


Working on Fire

Working on Fire

“In our northern provinces, from October there tends to be an increase in fires as a result of the warmer weather and the arid land conditions. Mpumalanga, Limpopo, Kwazulu-Natal and the North West province are all encouraged to take special precautions at this time and to heed the weather.

Our firefighters have been deployed to 1600 various fires over the Winter Fire Season and our aerial units have flown over 600 hours to suppress these fires. We have 170 WOF bases in our northern provinces that encompasses over 4000 firefighters.

The necessary training for the upcoming Summer Fire season in the Western regions of the country has successfully been completed and all teams are well prepared.

Land owners are encouraged to remove all combustibles off of their land and ensure that low hanging trees are cut. These measures will greatly assist to protect your property if you are situated near a woodland area.

The organisation has been in existence for 17 years with 30% of our staff being female. This is the largest representation of women firefighters globally”


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