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Working on Fire

Working on Fire

Dear Kim

Please receive our letter of condolence from Working on Fire, we kindly request that you share this letter with BC Wildfire Services, NWT Fire, Alberta Wildfire, Valhalla Helicopters, and families of the deceased.

We were filled with great sadness when we learned about the recent loss of two Canadian fire-fighters, who died in the Northwest Territories and British Columbia and a helicopter pilot in Alberta, whilst bravely battling fires currently raging in Canada.

It is our wish that you would extend our heartfelt condolences to the families and the wildfire colleagues of Adam Yeadon (North West Territories), Devyn Gale (British Columbia) and Ryan Gould (Alberta) where they worked, from all our South African fire-fighters and management from Working on Fire. Particularly for us, who travelled to Canada to work alongside your fire-fighters and indeed many others from across the world as part of the international fire-fighting efforts, we identify with and mourn these fallen heroes.

Adam Yeadon, Devyn Gale, and Ryan Gould personified the bravery, the courageousness and sacrifice so many thousand fire-fighters are currently displaying throughout Canada. It is with heavy hearts that we come together to honour them, true heroes who selflessly risked their lives to protect others and safeguard Canadian communities and the environment.

We cannot fathom the depth of sorrow that engulfs those who knew and loved them as family members, colleagues, and friends. However, we stand united in offering our support and strength during this difficult time. May their families and colleagues find comfort in the cherished memories shared and knowledge that their legacy will continue to shine through the lives they touched.

To Adam, Devyn, and Ryan, thank you for your unwavering service and dedication to your provinces and country, your bravery will never be forgotten. May your dear souls find peace, and may your memories serve as a reminder to us all that true heroism lies in the willingness to put others before oneself.

Rest in peace, dear Devyn Gale. Rest in peace, dear Adam Yeadon. Rest in peace dear Ryan Gould

Thank you.

Mr Trevor Abrahams Managing Director Working on Fire (Pty) LTD


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