Wildfires continue to damage the environment and properties


Working on Fire

Working on Fire

As we are approaching the end of the 2020 winter fire season, the WOF firefighters from the Waterberg District are kept on their toes by multiple fires that continue to be reported in their area.

While sleeping at their base, the Vingerkraal were woken up by their crew leaders after they received a call to come and assist in putting out the fire that was burning at Mabalingwe Nature Reserve.

“We don’t know what cause the fire, but we are grateful for the quick response from our WOF Vingerkraal team. The burning house was threatening some of the houses that are situated close to in, and the grass vegetation in the nature reserve” mentioned Ashley Theron, Base Manager for Vingerkraal team.

The Vingerkraal team are bases at Mabalingwe Nature Reserve, and this enabled them to reach the incident site before more damage was caused. However, the house that caught fire was destroyed by the flames.

At the end of the day, the WOF team managed to protect the environment with properties and there were no lives lost.


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