WOF-Kishugu Joint Venture to dazzle audiences with aerial firefighting display at Lowveld Airshow


Working on Fire

Working on Fire

The Working on Fire-Kishugu Joint Venture (WOF-Kishugu JV) is gearing up to dazzle audiences with its aerial firefighting prowess at the Lowveld Airshow, scheduled for Saturday, 11 May 2024. This annual event, under the theme: 30 Years of Aerial Extravaganza, is eagerly awaited by aviation enthusiasts nationwide. It provides a platform for the WOF-Kishugu JV, most notably one of its business units – Kishugu Aviation – to demonstrate its cutting-edge capabilities in combating wildland fires from the skies.

Spectators can look forward to witnessing firsthand the skill, precision, and dedication that define Kishugu Aviation’s aerial firefighting operations. With 30 years of aviation excellence, the Lowveld Airshow has solidified its position as a bedrock of the local flying community with its founder, Johan Heine (one of the founders of the Working on Fire Programme), steering its committee. Exhibition stands are also on offer for attendees, with the airshow catering to the young and old.

A trailblazer, Kishugu Aviation has evolved into a prominent leader in the aviation industry, boasting a fleet of over 40 owned and operated aircraft nationwide. Its participation promises to be a highlight of the airshow, showcasing the dedication of its pilots and fleet in safeguarding communities and protecting the environment from the devastating impact of wildland fires. The timing of this airshow is particularly poignant, arriving on the heels of a strenuous summer fire season that tested both the WOF-Kishugu JV’s extensive aerial and ground resources in the Western Cape and the western region of the Eastern Cape.

As wildland fires continue to pose significant threats to communities and ecosystems worldwide, the role of aerial firefighting services provided by Kishugu Aviation remains indispensable. With its extensive experience, it is a leader in this critical field, notably through its flagship initiative, the Working on Fire Programme. Through meticulous aviation maintenance and comprehensive training programmes, Kishugu Aviation bolsters its capabilities, equipping itself to effectively combat wildland fires while minimising risks to both personnel and property.

The WOF-Kishugu JV as a whole, through its much sought-after Integrated Fire Management Solutions (IFMS), is not only a leader in firefighting but also a pioneering force in the global fight against climate change. IFMS represents a comprehensive approach to wildland fire management, combining prevention, preparedness, suppression, and rehabilitation. Aerial firefighting stands at the forefront of the escalating battle against wildland fires, which are increasingly intensified by the adverse impacts of climate change.

As the northern provinces prepare for the onset of the winter fire season starting on 1 June 2024, the WOF-Kishugu JV stands poised and ready. With extensive aerial, fleet, and ground resources at its disposal, it is fully equipped to collaborate with partners, stakeholders, and landowners in the critical battle against climate change and wildland fires.


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