WOF Kishugu Joint Venture’s Aviation Set to Dazzle at Stellenbosch Air Show with Aerial Firefighting Showcase


Working on Fire

Working on Fire

The Working on Fire Kishugu – Joint Venture’s Aviation wing is gearing up to showcase its aerial firefighting expertise at the highly anticipated Stellenbosch Air Show on March 23, 2024. Held every second year, this event is an exhibition eagerly anticipated by aviation enthusiasts throughout the Western Cape.

As a frontrunner in aerial firefighting, Kishugu Aviation is honored to exhibit its capabilities before the masses. This exhibition comes at a time when the Western Cape is currently facing one of its busiest fire seasons.

The Working on Fire Kishugu – Joint Venture, through its Integrated Wildfire Management Initiative, is not only a leader in aerial firefighting but also a pioneering force in the global fight against climate change. This initiative represents a comprehensive approach to wildfire management, combining prevention, preparedness, suppression, and rehabilitation. It’s a vital front in the battle against the escalating threat of wildfires, which are intensified by the adverse effects of climate change. Globally, the situation is dire, with the World Meteorological Organization reporting a 1.4°C increase in global temperatures above pre-industrial levels, leading to more frequent and severe weather events, including wildfires. In 2023 alone, there was a record-setting 20% increase in the area burned by wildfires worldwide, underscoring the urgency of innovative and effective wildfire management strategies like those implemented by the WOF Kishugu JV.

This joint venture’s role extends beyond immediate fire suppression; it is instrumental in mitigating the broader impacts of climate change on ecosystems and communities. By effectively managing wildfires, they help preserve biodiversity, protect water supplies, and reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions released into the atmosphere. The dedication and success of the WOF Kishugu JV in these endeavors place them at the forefront of climate change mitigation, demonstrating a model for integrated wildfire management that can be adapted and applied globally.

A total of 24 aerial resources, comprising 10 spotter planes for air traffic control, 10 Huey Choppers, and four Air-Tractors, have been on standby in the province for the current fire season. Since their deployment in December, these aircraft have logged an impressive 1486.82 flying hours, contributing significantly to containing major blazes such as the Simon’s Town, Kluitjieskral, and Betty’s Bay fires.

Over the last 10 years, the WOF Kishugu JV Aerial Resources have spent more than 60,000 hours in the sky assisting in extinguishing over 9000 fires in South Africa. Through their relentless efforts, they have not only saved billions of Rands in damages but also countless lives.

Established nearly four decades ago with just two aircraft, Kishugu Aviation has evolved into a leader in aviation firefighting. Today, boasting a fleet of over 40 aircraft, supported by more than 50 pilots and 19 aerial support vehicles, Kishugu Aviation remains at the forefront of combating wildfires in South Africa.

The Stellenbosch Air Show presents a prime opportunity for Kishugu Aviation to demonstrate its unwavering commitment to firefighting excellence and public safety. Spectators can look forward to witnessing firsthand the skill, precision, and dedication that define Kishugu Aviation’s aerial firefighting operations.


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