Working on Fire 20th Anniversary Symposium Publication


Working on Fire

Working on Fire

The Working on Fire – Kishugu Joint Venture celebrated its 20th anniversary with a Fire Symposium held at the Kruger National Park. The event gathered experts from various relevant fields to enhance cooperation and collaboration in fire management at local, national, and international levels.

It provided an opportunity to review insights and resolutions from local and international firefighting experts and featured a diverse group of professionals, including wildfire management practitioners, scientists, weather experts, disaster management practitioners, and speakers from around the world.
In this publication, read about the valuable insights derived from the symposium, which stressed a need for collective dedication to taking proactive steps in Integrated Fire Management that will address the persistent danger of wildland fires, which are exacerbated by climate change and global warming.

As you peruse these pages, discover how Working on Fire continues to make a tangible impact, saving lives, protecting the environment, and restoring dignity.


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